4 Tips to Make You An Apex Predator this Season



Season 5 is upon us, and with it, the ranked reset. If you’re anything like me back in season two, that means climbing quickly to gold and then struggling for two months. That ends today! If you need to reach the next level of Apex Legends, here are 4 things you can start doing today that will get you more wins on King’s Canyon.

1. Stop Third Partying So Much 

This one might seem crazy to anyone who’s been trained on World’s Edge, but third partying on King’s Canyon is a dangerous game. King’s Canyon was already the smaller map, and now with Skulltown in the ocean, there is even less space for the 20 teams to share. That means there are a lot of chances to third party.

For everyone.

The key here is to stop third partying and start cleaning up. Running to the first bullets you hear will only guarantee one thing, getting into a fight. Sound travels far in Apex, and there are going to be other people who listened to those bullets. If you get into a messy shootout, even as the third party, you’re begging for the fourth squad to roll up and have Bangalore drop the pain.

Cleaning up means only swooping in for the free kills when they are free. Is a fight over, and the Octane has his hands in a deathbox? That is when you take the zipline and catch them with their pants down. Take them out fast, and loots quick before someone else attempts the same cleanup against you.

2. Keep Engagements Short and Snappy

Running away feels terrible, I know, but Apex is a game about survival instead of fighting. If you engage someone, you need to make sure the fight is over fast for the same reasons mentioned above. Sure, it’s fun to have both sides pull out the longbow and break a couple shields, but all your doing is wasting both team’s batteries and begging someone to come and get the jump on you.

If you can knock someone from a distance, take the opportunity, outside of that, send some of the squad in to force fights, and then get out. If you get one kill and then need to get out of dodge, it was worth it. 

 Having long, knockdown, drag-out fights is the best way to make sure that people following tip number one are going to give you a bad time.

3. You’re Carrying Too Much Ammo

You don’t need 300 rounds for your r301, and you don’t need 30 shots for your mastiff. Apex is a game of single fights, and inventory space is at a premium after the grenade change. Running out of grenades and dying with 240 rounds of light ammo is stupid. Keeping more ammo then you’re going to use for about a fight and a half is a waste. 

If you need more than 100 shots from the spitfire to kill someone, you weren’t going to win that fight anyway.

The ammo you’re going to use in a fight, and a half breaks down pretty easy. 

 120 Light ammo per gun that uses it except for the G7

120 Heavy ammo per gun that uses it except for the Wingman

90 Energy ammo

12 Sniper Rounds

16 Shotgun shells.

It’s worth noting that the Wingman and G7 basically don’t count and only need about 30 rounds to be comfortably lethal. 

 If you ever run out of ammo with these numbers, you’ve been fighting too long, and you should follow tip two and get out of there.

4. Use Those Extra Slots on Grenades

So, we just freed up some of your backpack slots. Time to grab another 4 shield cells, right? 

Wrong. Unless you’re using the Sentinel, then you do you, buddy. 

 Similar to ammo, healing items are only good as long as you’re alive to use them. If you die with 3 medkits on you, then all you’ve done is heal the person that killed you, and we don’t like them, they killed us! Having healing items is essential to staying in a fight and healing between them, but there is a limit. Finding that direct limit depends on your playstyle.

As for grenades. You can use those to win the fight, and then you can take their medkits.

An easy combo to keep on your person with grenades is the 1-2 combo of an Arcstar and a Frag Grenade. The reason this is a good combo is that it can be used to breach any building. If you stick a door with an arcstar, you can throw the frag right as the arcstar is exploding to get it inside before the enemy is ready. This means they need to leave their hidey-hole on your terms, and you can have the advantage in the fight.

In Summary: Fight quick, fight hard, and plan for the next 1 fight you’re going to be in instead of preparing for the whole game. It’ll make sure you’ll die less with 700 ammo and 3 phoenix kits.

If you do that and make sure you keep everything short and sweet. I promise you’ll be an Apex Legend in no time.