The Content on this page is from June - Spet 2020. If you would like samples of earlier work, please contact me.

Games and Games Writing

Though I can write about any game, it's often great to find someone who plays the game you're looking to cover.  I play lots of table top games and have tons of experience with Dungeons and Dragons as well as Magic: the Gathering. For video games here are the main games I play. Please keep in mind that more recent one-off releases are something I will likely play but might not make it to this list. If you're wondering about a game please contact me.

-  League of Legends  -  Apex Legends  -  AFK Arena  -  Monster Hunter  -  Diablo 3  -  Pokemon Sword and Shield  - Dark/Demon Souls   - Animal Crossing  - Civilization  -  Fire Emblem  -  Dragon Age  -   Stardew Valley  -